The Power to Deny has garnered many complimentary reviews on Amazon in the United States, Canada, and the UK and on GoodReads as well. Here is a sample of the reviews and feedback received:





The Power to Deny has been shelved at select Barnes and Noble stores in the Philadelphia area. You can check which stores have it in stock by going to the Barnes and Noble page for the book and then check availability in stores - use the Graeme Park area code 19044 to see the closest stores as they are testing in stores close to Graeme Park. If there is sufficient demand they may carry it nationwide, so if you were thinking of buying or gifting a paperback copy, either for yourself or someone else, now is the time to go to the bookstore and ask them to sell you a copy.

It is always a thrill for an author to see their book on the shelf. Here are some photos of The Power to Deny on shelves at three Barnes and Noble locations - Willow Grove, Broomall, and Neshaminy - last week. 



5/16/2020 Thank you to La Salle University's history department for this Facebook post supporting my work. A wonderful surprise for me! 





Melodie, if you do not know her, is an award winning crime, fantasy, and comedy fiction author. You can find her Amazon page here: https://www.amazon.com/Melodie-Campbell/e/B0055I0PLG






Graeme Park Newsletter January 2020