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The Power to Deny 

Young and brilliant poet Elizabeth Graeme comes of age in colonial Philadelphia bearing an exceptional talent for writing and an unwillingness to be like all the other young women around her. 

After a successful trip to England and an audience with the king, the sudden death of her mother and two failed romances leave Elizabeth reeling. Back in Philadelphia, she uses her literary talent, intellect, widening social circle, and status as a prominent physician’s daughter to navigate her colonial life as a single woman. 

That is, until the night Henry Fergusson arrives in her parlor. Elizabeth marries Henry four months later in a secret nighttime wedding, against her father’s wishes. 

As a new wife, Elizabeth is stunned to see that Pennsylvania is marching towards revolutionary war. Suddenly, Elizabeth’s hometown becomes the seat and heart of the rebel government as the thirteen colonies turn their backs on the all-powerful British empire. Bloodshed ensues. 

With battles of the American Revolution on her doorstep, Elizabeth realizes that she is a new American—and an ardent patriot. Her new husband, however, is staunchly loyal to the British crown. 

Elizabeth stands to lose everything.

The Treason of Betsy Ross

The story behind the legend...


Long before Betsy Ross became a national icon for making the first US flag, she was a quiet Quaker girl swept up against her will by events leading to the American Revolution. 


Philadelphia, 1770. Eighteen-year-old Betsy Griscom falls in love with a man her parents can’t accept—non-Quaker John Ross, whose family has strong ties to powerful colonial government offices. Despite Betsy’s best intentions to stay within the safety of her Quaker world, Betsy marries John and dreams of an untroubled life with him and their future children. 


Betsy’s hopes are dashed when the colonies begin to openly and violently rebel against the British crown. Taught to be peace-loving and non-violent, Betsy watches helplessly as her husband becomes a militiaman and joins the resistance movement, taking them closer and closer towards chaos and revolutionary war. 


When shots ring out at Lexington and Concord, Betsy realizes she can no longer be neutral. She finds herself fully entrenched in the turmoil of America’s first civil war, inching closer to treason.