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Retail Availability Update

Sept 30, 2020

Barnes and Noble has expanded their stocking of The Power to Deny to include the following retail locations:
-Willow Grove
- Plymouth Meeting
-Valley Forge
- Neshaminy
- Broomall
- Downtown Philadelphia
- Oxford Valley
This is very exciting and we hope to be able to visit these stores soon...

I have news: I'm in Barnes & Noble! Please help me spread Elizabeth Graeme's story! 


September 27, 2020
Yesterday was a big day for me. I was super happy (and so surprised!) to discover that a few regional Barnes & Noble stores had stocked my book, The Power to Deny, without my knowledge. Writers can write in isolation for years, and then to see your book out in the wild unexpectedly is, well, crazy exciting. Thank you, B&N, for taking a chance on me. Truly.


If you start your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping early like I do, and have someone who likes historical fiction on your list, I’d be so grateful if you’d consider gifting them with The Power to Deny. The rep said that if my book sells in the test stores, B&N may order it nationwide. I’d love your help. Please consider asking your local B&N for a copy of my book, or ordering it from them online on their website. (I’m in Fiction between Nicholas Sparks and Danielle Steel, which tickled me.)


I also can’t help but wonder what Elizabeth Graeme would have thought. She was a writer. She paid to have her work bound in leather, and circulated it to friends and family. She even tried to find a publisher for her translation of Telemachus in the late 1700s. I think she’d like that her story is being told and out on the shelf.


A final word: Please considering supporting Graeme Park, which is struggling like so many small museums during these COVID times. Any donation you can make would be welcome, thank you. www.graemepark.org
I’m hard at work on my second novel and look forward to sharing it with you when the time comes.



eBOOK SALE! $2.99!

The Kindle version of The Power to Deny is now on sale on Amazon in both the U.S. AND Canada for $2.99. It's the lowest price that Amazon will let me charge. If you read it, I'd love to hear from you. Reach me through the "Contact Me" link above on this website, or leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Happy Reading! 




The Power to Deny

Wendy Long Stanley is an author of historical fiction. Her first book, The Power to Deny, recounts the life of Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson, one of colonial Philadelphia’s most educated, illustrious, and spurned, women. 


Young and brilliant poet Elizabeth Graeme comes of age in colonial Philadelphia bearing an exceptional talent for writing and an unwillingness to be like all the other young women around her.

After a successful trip to England and an audience with the king, the sudden death of her mother and two failed romances leave Elizabeth reeling. Back in Philadelphia, she uses her literary talent, intellect, widening social circle, and status as a prominent physician’s daughter to navigate her colonial life as a single woman.

That is, until the night Henry Fergusson arrives in her parlor. Elizabeth marries Henry four months later in a secret nighttime wedding, against her father’s wishes.

As a new wife, Elizabeth is stunned to see that Pennsylvania is marching towards revolutionary war. Suddenly, Elizabeth’s hometown becomes the seat and heart of the rebel government as the thirteen colonies turn their backs on the all-powerful British empire. Bloodshed ensues.

With battles of the American Revolution on her doorstep, Elizabeth realizes that she is a new American—and an ardent patriot. Her new husband, however, is staunchly loyal to the British crown.

Elizabeth stands to lose everything.

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About Wendy

Wendy Long Stanley was born in the UK, raised in Canada, and has lived in the United States for ten years. She holds a BA in English Literature and is currently working on an MA in Public History. She lives outside Philadelphia with her husband and two teenage daughters.