It's Publication Day!


It’s publication day! My first one ever!

In 2008, I was living in Toronto, Canada with my husband and our two girls, then aged 2 and 4. Malcolm came home one day and said he had a job opportunity in Pennsylvania and would I like to move to the US. Yes! Why not? Another adventure.

We arrived in Horsham, PA in September 2008. That first year, we got to know our new hometown. We visited Graeme Park, a local historical site. I was taken with the beautiful old house on the property, which was almost 300 years old and retained a haunting elegance. It seemed time had forgotten the house, which was virtually unchanged since the 1700s. When I learned about one of its occupants, Elizabeth Graeme, Dr. Thomas Graeme’s youngest daughter, I was even more intrigued.

Elizabeth was an exceptional writer, a prolific writer actually, and probably one of the most educated women in colonial America. She was beautiful, smart, and could hold a room captive. Once engaged to Ben Franklin’s son, William, she was jilted and then went on to marry a man who changed the course of her life. I won’t put spoilers here with the hope that you’ll check out my book. It’s fair to say that Elizabeth Graeme had an incredible life. She grew up against the backdrop of the French and Indian War, followed by a headlong stumble into the American Revolution. My novel, The Power to Deny, is an attempt to reimagine her story. Elizabeth deserves to be remembered.

I spent eight years researching and writing The Power to Deny. I loved crawling through archives and digital newspapers from the eighteenth century to view original documents. Sometimes it was tough going, as I was also working in comms, raising kids, being a wife, and juggling life, some of which was messy. But I had a dream.

And this year I FINALLY FINISHED my book! I plan to keep writing, although hopefully my next novel won’t take eight years! Feel free to sign up for my newsletter on this website to stay updated on future books, author events, book reviews on other historical novels, and general book love.

I want to say thank you to the Historical Novel Society for inspiring me and guiding me; and to Jenny Quinlan of Historical Editorial for my stunning cover design and her savvy editing. Jenny is exactly the rigorous, impressive professional you want supporting you on your journey. (All errors in the book are my own.) Thank you to Danielle Soloff for my gorgeous author photos, taken at Graeme Park. And a big thank you to Beth MacCausland, President of the Board of Graeme Park, who for years has been supportive and enthusiastic. Thank you.

And thank you most of all to Malcolm, my husband, who puts up with me, the crazy writer, and loves me in spite of it. The Power to Deny is available as an e-Book and paperback around the world thanks to his technical wizardry.

If you read my book, I’d love to know what you think. Feel free to contact me! Thanks so much!